Science and Technology Park

Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

Zanjan – Iran


Aiming to change novel and technological ideas of researchers and university graduates into business on the one hand, and directing academic researches according to the needs of industrial development of the region on the other, the Science and Technology Park of Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences of Zanjan helps developing the entrepreneurship culture, economic growth, and wealth production. This aim was fulfilled by creating an attractive inspiring environment for tech cores and companies, research and development units of firms, research cores of universities and research centers to increase their synergy in the region. The Science and Technology Park Pardis is located in the best area of Zanjan city with the most pleasant weather in the southwest side of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences of Zanjan. The adjacent areas include the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences of Zanjan, the University of Medical Sciences, the center of international exhibitions of the province, and Gavazang recreation complex. Establishment of Park’s lands in the urban area has facilitated access to urban facilities and has decreased administrative costs of the park. At the present time, the Pardis of Science and Technology Park comprises 3 buildings of growth center. The main building with 5000 square meters building area is located in the park, building number 2, which is located in city center, has a building area of 1400 square meters, and building number 3, which is located inside the area of Graduate Studies University in Basic Sciences, has a building area of 2550 square meters.

Currently, there are 54 tech cores and companies in the Science and Technology Park that include 13 knowledge-based firms and 1 R&D corporation.

Fields of activity of the tech units located in the Science and Technology Park is as follows:

Information Technology (IT)


Game Development and Animation


Nano Technology

Environmental Activities


Experimental and Laboratory Activities

Manufacturing Equipment and Components


Park’s services to the located firms

Holding educational courses

Providing counsel and evaluation services

Holding exhibitions or participating in exhibitions

Availability of the conference hall for tech companies

Availability of the meeting room for tech companies

Copy, print and fax services

Post and secretariat services

Accommodation services based on the application filed of the companies’ equipment

Private space with fridge, oven, sink, table and chair available for serving food


Park Perspective

Science and Technology Park’s prospect is to play a significant role in increasing the competitive advantage of business units in the province, by promoting the technology level of these industries in a reasonable horizon. In this propect, it is hoped that the majority of the modern technologies established in the region and the knowledge-based companies are developed in the Park and the Park is recognized in the province as the basis and resource of most of the innovations and development of technologies and hereby it influences the regional development and establishment of knowledge-based companies and be effective as a strong bond between industry and academia to develop both.

The motivation behind the establishment of Science and Technology Parks usually includes one or some of the following factors:

·        Help to promote regional development through increasing, growing and developing the regional knowledge-based institutions by benefiting from the advantages of synergy, sharing supportive resources, helping marketing and internationalizing their application field.

·        Optimum use of the resources available to the founding board, especially proprietary resources.

·        Commercializing the research results.

·        Developing special technologies.

According to the regional requirements and specifications of the founding board, each Park considers one or some of the above-mentioned motivating factors. Parks administrated by regional administrations emphasize more on growth and development of the regional institutions; however, some academic Parks mainly focus on commercialization of academic research results. Zanjan, which is mainly considered as an industrial and academic province, considers the establishment of the Park as a means to develop the province and as a stimulation to develop technology in business units of the province and hopes that Park establishment, while helping to regional development, can play a role in directing academic researches and commercializing the research results.

Therefore, the main motivations behind establishing Zanjan Science and Technology Park are as follows, respectively:

·        Increasing, developing and promoting knowledge-based institutions in the region.

·        Commercializing research results.

·        Developing special technologies.