Goals and Vision


  • Promoting Regional Development: Support the growth, expansion, and development of knowledge-based institutions in the region, leveraging synergies, sharing supportive resources, assisting in marketing, and internationalizing their scope of activities.
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources: Efficiently utilize the available resources, including properties and assets owned by the park, to maximize their impact and create a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Commercialization of Research Results: Facilitate the commercialization of research outcomes and discoveries by assisting researchers and entrepreneurs in protecting intellectual property, securing funding, and establishing successful partnerships with industry.
  • Development of Specialized Technologies: Foster the development of specialized technologies in emerging fields and promote research and innovation in sectors with high growth potential, contributing to the advancement of specific industries and driving economic progress

Each park, based on the needs of its region and the characteristics of its founding body, may prioritize one or several motivating factors mentioned above. Regional-led parks often emphasize the growth and development of regional institutions, while some university-led parks focus on the commercialization of university research outcomes. Zanjan province, being known as an industrial and academic province, sees the establishment of the park as a foundation for its development and as a driving force in technological advancements within local businesses. It is hoped that the park's creation will not only contribute to regional development but also play a proactive role in promoting university research and commercializing research outcomes.


The vision of the Science and Technology Park of IASBS is to play a significant role in enhancing the competitive advantage of local businesses by elevating the level of technology in their respective industries. In this vision, it is hoped that most innovative technologies developed in the region and knowledge-based companies will thrive within the park. The park aims to be recognized as the cradle and source of innovation and technological advancement in the province, thereby making a remarkable impact on regional development and fostering the establishment of knowledge-based companies. It aspires to serve as a strong link between industry and academia, contributing to the advancement of both sectors.