Activity : 1- Design and manufacture of electronic equipment 2- Repairs of electronic devices of transmission and high pressure substations
Activity : Website and mobile application for online ordering of food, sweets, and products from supermarkets in Zanjan
Activity : Manufacturing of optical instruments and applied optical products, including digital holographic microscopy and cellular mini-incubator for live cell imaging
Activity : Animal breeding-Artificial insemination due to the laparoscopy-processing of superior breed as frozen and fresh- producing of ram seminal extender for frozen and fresh sperm
Activity : As one of the manufacturing methods, 3D printing is faced with the problem of slow speed. Despite efforts made to solve issues such as improving the mechanical properties of components, increasing the variety of additive manufacturing methods (except for FDM), and also 3D metal printing in our country, the slow speed of the existing technology has not received much attention. Novin Negar team has successfully built the first high-speed 3D printer in the country while focusing on solving this problem and maintaining print quality. In addition, Novin Negar also provides services such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, and engineering design.
Activity : Preparation and Production of Nanomaterials, Sulfide and Selenide Compounds, catalytic materials and etc, for commercial and Research Applications.
Activity : Designing and Manufacturing Software and Hardware Based on Artificial Intelligence to Charge, Test and Maintain Industrial Batteries
Activity : Optical communication testing and monitoring instruments
Activity : Samin Metals Processing Engineering Company ( SAMIN ) is a leading and knowledge-based company in the field of smartening, simplification and innovation in technology of mineral processing methods, low-grade mineral tailings, slags, petrochemical and electronic wastes in which by using Innovative method and creating added- vales in Compliance with environmental requirements and using low-water and portable technologies and equipment, started its activities from a start-up company in 2019, and due to the successful implementation of pilot and semi-industrial projects in Zanjan province in Iran in which produced cobalt and its derivatives out of zinc processing companies waste, now has entered into larger areas of Mining Market as an innovative mineral processing company to produce precious minerals and metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Gold, Silver and Rare Earth Elements from a very beginning of sampling and analysis of waste behavior, feasibility study, design, construction and operation to the very end of production of the final product in the processing process at national and international level.
Activity : Parto Shimi Vira laboratory company was established in 1401 with the aim of preparing and producing food and pharmaceutical raw materials. At first, this company was active as a technology core in the Zanjan Science and Technology Park and in the field of producing edible sweeteners, and in 1402, it continues its activity in the same park under the name of Parto Shimi Vira. This company operates by simplifying the process of synthesis and production of sweeteners, innovation in the production process, and complying with environmental requirements. The most important products of this company are maltodextrin, bromoethane (pharmaceutical grade) and sodium sulfate. Also, laboratory studies in the field of production of other imported raw materials in the field of chemicals and pharmaceuticals on a laboratory and semi-pilot scale are among the other activities of Parto Shimi Vira.
Activity : Azin Electro Perto company was established in 2019 with the aim of supplying part of the country's market needs in the field of precision instruments. This company has specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of detectors and light sources. From the company's products, we can mention optical beam shaping equipment, various detectors in the ultraviolet to far infrared range, and lasers in different wavelengths. Currently, the main activity of the company is in the field of designing and manufacturing fast detectors and single photon counters.
Activity : Providing health-oriented services on a digital platform
Name :
Activity : Intelligentization based on the Internet of Things
Activity : Design and Manufacturing of Optical and Optomechanical Equipment