Science and Technology Park of Institute for Advanced studies in Basic Sciences Zanjan, Iran

The Science and Technology Park of Institute for Advanced studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) was established in 2009 under the auspices of the then Ministry of Culture and higher Education. Currently there are four buildings that houses approximately 350 employees and more than 57 tech companies in the park including 12 knowledge- base firms and 2 R&D Corporation. The science park of IASBS is a strategically planned, purpose- built work environment which is desired to locate in close proximity to the Univesty. This is so that knowledge be shared, innovation promoted and rsearch outcomes progressed to viable commercial products. The site covers 16 hectares and located at southwestern part of IASBS adjacent to one of its gateways which is easily accessible. The Park is linked to the University of IASBS which provides accommodation for knowledge- intensive business startups. The IASBS  University was stimulated to develop the park by desire to turn ideas generated at the Universities into products and services that could be commercialized. The IASBS science and technology park facilitates the growth of technology by providing physical infrastructures that links provincial, national and international resources with emerging or growing tech companies.The science and technology park of IASBS houses 4 buildings including ICT center, BIO Building and Science House which are located inside the Science and Technology Park campus and one multi-tenant building inside the city.








The mission of science and technology park of IASBS is to establish and facilitate better linkage forcommunication and collaboration between academicians, entrepreneurs and industry innovators affiliated with IASBS and other universities ,creating and sustaining the ideal environment for innovations and inventions, maximizing the academics and entrepreneurial talent and regional resources in Zanjan to accelerate economic development and prosperity.






Deploying infrastructures that has been created through the Mission, science and technology Parks will become a significant funder of programs and activities that increase employment through the growth and profitability of technology companies. Our Vision is to see technology become the most productive, economically important and socially relevant industry in zanjan. Science and technology Parks will provide infrastructures while working with relevant technology industry assciations and






Our specialties

• Most Customer Friendly Campus
• Stable Infrastructure
• Green Environment
• Responsive Maintenance Team
• Safe, protected campus
• Excellent Data Connectivity


Activity field of incubators are as follows:

• Information technology (IT)
• Electronic
• Game development and making animation
• Mine-related activities
• Nano-technology
• Environmental activities
• Construction
• Equipment and components manufacturing
• Information and communication technology (ICT)







• IASBS Science Park has an Advisory Board made up of experienced advisors, tenants of
  the park can obtain up to 100 hours per year of business advice free of charge
• The park provides suitable accommodation for conferences, lectures and meetings,
  conference hall for up to one hundred people.
• An internet network which allows fast broadband
• Holding training courses and workshops for tech companies.
• Providing secretarial services for tech companies.
• 100% power backup



Contact us

Contact us

  • Science and Technology Park of Institute for Advanced studies in Basic Sciences Zanjan, Iran
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences of Zanjan, Prof. Sobuti Blvd.
  • info@technopark.ir
  • Telephone: +98-24-33155001
  • Web site: www.technopark.ir

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