Post incubation

Activity : Training and laboratory services and engineering softwares in the field of polymer
Activity : Laboratory Services and Engineering design (Mineral explorations, Water and Hysteresis )
Activity : Online Monitoring Systems
Activity : Our company provide RTU with the team of professional and highly trained electronic, telecommunication, software and mechanics teams. We are specialized in supply, installation and maintenance of electrical distribution system.
Activity : Design & Manufacturing Precision Optical Measuring Instruments
Name : Yoshita
Activity :
Name : Ouj niroo
Activity : Software development and data security
Activity : Manufacturer of telemetry devices and SCADA and softstarter systems
Activity : Zanjan Rayant Fanavari Company is active in the field of electronic learning. In this way, by designing and implementing e-learning processes, he has provided services in the field of e-learning and education in the form of products such as Saminyad learning management system. The main feature of these services is paying more attention to the personal learning environment (PLE) and the personal and behavioral characteristics of the learner. Along with the general facilities of e-learning, the use of advisory services can be effective in improving study and learning as much as possible
Activity : Design, engineering and manufacturing every kind of electric vehicle and their parts
Activity : Manufacturer of monitoring software for dispatching centers and production of data collection hardware from the infrastructure unit
Activity : Production and development of all kinds of software
Activity : Production of third -generation mineral nano -supplements for livestock, poultry, aquaculture, horse and pet
Activity : Manufacturer Of Hospital and Therapeutic Disinfectant Solutions Brand : U.R
Activity : The company is working in the field of industrial solutions and laboratory equipment. The provided industrial solutions include design and engineering services, machine building, production process design, and consultations to increase production efficiency and laboratory equipment products, including magnetic separators and laboratory jaw crushers with special capabilities.
Activity : Hamrah afzar raasaa has been active in the field of providing smart phone approaches and solutions since 2017 and has provided services to companies such as Asan Pardakht Persian, Peyk Asa, Hamkaran System, Hamrah avval, etc.
Activity : Geology and Mining Lab Services1. 2. Mining Discovery and Extraction Services Geophysics 3. Providing Scientific Counselling on Geology, Mining and Geophysics 4. Holding Training Workshops on Geology and Mining (Lab Services and Software)
Activity : This company, as one of the private research centers in Iran's electricity industry, takes advantage of domestic and foreign scientific, technical and technological capabilities, while providing training, research and executive services based on the most up-to-date scientific and technical bases, in the field of testing, commissioning and monitoring. Transformer has been active as well as localizing the knowledge of manufacturing imported equipment, and has also taken basic steps in the direction of quantitative and qualitative development of applied research in the electrical industry, compilation and development of specialized software.
Activity : manufacturer of portable hyperspectral imaging cameras
Activity : Dorsa Gene Bakhtar Company was established in 2017 with the cooperation of the University of Zanjan and the Agricultural Jihad Organization in presence of the professors in the University of Zanjan with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the local sheep in a research survey. Until 2012 the design was performed on the research herd in the University of Zanjan with the central idea of transfering genome multiplication on a totally limited populatioon. Having observbed the positive results, the product was commercialized and the modified rams were sold and modificational services, consulting and laborato- ry services were applied on the herds of the Agricultural Jihad Organization and then on the other agro-industrial companies. The company has recently aimed at expanding its activities and production at a higher quality by producing better research stations in the outskirts of Zanjan and the new idea of transfering the other reproduction properties.
Activity : Performing a variety of specialized information security services